April 2024 catchup

April 2024 catchup

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Batdorf Jukebox, my new home for all things I create that live online, has finally launched! Check out Mr. Raisinhead, a fun audio monologue based on the solo of the same name that I toured forever!

What’s coming up

India (April - May)

I leave for India in 1 week- WOW-  where I will be in Varanasi, taking improvisational singing lessons, getting to know NIRMAN, Irfana Majumdar and the local area/artists for potential collaborations… I will also have an artist retreat in Mussoorie, India to work intensively on the new solo.

Toronto (June)

TBT workshops are in Ontario in June. There is still some space if you are interested, but let me know soon!

Turkey (July - August)

We are so grateful that we received a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts for  “Ne Hayali Oğlum? (What Dreams, my son?”) for The Bergama Theatre Festival August 9-11, 2024. This is a large interactive, immersive, theatrical event in Asclepieion, an ancient healing site/hospital in Bergama/Pergamon, where women’s histories have been erased. We have been meeting with local women there and creating mythologized versions of their stories and elements/qualities revealed through these moving discussions.

I will also teach a TBT workshop to film and TV actors in Istanbul and have an artist retreat for the solo in Assos, Turkey, thanks to SAYE Collective.


Los Angeles (March)

Blue: A Rhapsody in Blubber by Lynn McNutt, (I was director/dramaturg) for the Theatre Lab in Florida last spring, was in the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival in March.

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