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May 21 - June 1
(beginner/intermediate Batdorf Technique)

May 28 - June 8
(intermediate/advanced Batdorf Technique)

at 910 Queen St W, Toronto

The 2018 Batdorf Spring Intensive will run Monday to Friday for 3 weeks May 21st- June 8th at The Brink- 910 Queen St W. The first two weeks are open to beginner and intermediate students, the second and third week are open to intermediate and advanced students.

The Batdorf Spring Intensive trains performers with renowned teacher, creator and performer, Erika Batdorf as well as guest instructors Tosha Doiron and Matthew Romantini in emotional authenticity and physical presence. BSI offers practical, inspirational and concrete tools for enhancing presence and increasing authentic emotional access for performers. There are two levels to The Batdorf Technique- Level 1- Interoceptive Awareness and Level 2- Kinesthetic Transference.

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May 21 – May 25 OPEN TO ALL
(only 14 spots available so sign up early!)

MORNINGS - Interoceptive Awareness 9:30am-12:30pm

The 2017 Batdorf Spring Intensive. Photo by Jordan Lafrennier.

The 2017 Batdorf Spring Intensive. Photo by Jordan Lafrennier.

IAP is a system to access and develop heightened presence through physiological awareness. Through a rigorous and freeing process students are taught reliable principles that help them juggle awareness and reclaim a sense of physical aliveness and presence. We start with a warm up and then cover a core principle of IAP followed by a structured improvisation that allows you to practice and explore the work more deeply. Elements of movement improvisation, Butoh, yoga and vocal work will be incorporated into the workshop. The mornings are open to all! Non-performers are welcome (great for yoga teachers, therapists, somatic/body workers etc…).

AFTERNOONS -  Interoceptive Awareness in Solo Creation 1:30-4:30pm

In the afternoons, we will apply IAP to creating your own performance material (writing, movement, characters…) as well as incorporate the work into a short piece of text and a movement study. This will be accessible to performers and non-performers.

Photo by Jordan Lafrennier.

Photo by Jordan Lafrennier.

May 28 - June 1 For Performers
(only 14 spots available so sign up early!)

MORNINGS- Interoceptive Awareness continued 9:30am-12:30pm

IAP continued - this week we will learn the full TBT structured warm up and start journeys (guided embodied improvisations that help free up the body and emotional access). We will begin to learn how to repeat emotional states physiologically (‘Touch and Gos’ and ‘State Runs’).

AFTERNOONS -  Interoceptive Awareness in Performance 1:30-4:30pm

In the afternoons, we will apply IAP to set material; monologues, choreography etc… a chance to put the work into practice within your chosen material with coaching.

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June 4 - 8  Open to Intermediate/Advanced TBT
(only 10 spots available)

MORNINGSKinesthetic Transference in Performance - 9:30am-12:30pm 

Intensive IAP training integrated with more complex form, moving consciously towards increasing our ability to Kinesthetically Transfer in performance material. This week is a chance to drop into the work with a small experienced group who know the formal warm up and are comfortable with journeys. We will then apply it to the performance material of your choice with coaching and feedback on your KT. Some advanced students can come to just this week, but if it has been awhile or you are out of practice, it is recommended that you also do WEEK 2.

AFTERNOONS- IAP/KT and Group Performance Creation 1:30-4:30

In the afternoons, we will explore group improvisation using TBT. Participants must have solid access to interoceptive awareness while juggling multiple levels of external awareness (muscular skeletal, communication, sensory etc) and have done state runs.

Special Talks and Final Showings:

There will be talks every Wednesday night on various topics and two showings- June 1st and June 8th, at 7pm

Teacher Training

There will be a concurrent teacher-training program open to advanced practitioners of The Batdorf Technique by permission of instructor only.

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WEEK 1 and 2 or
WEEK 2 and 3


WEEK 1, 2 and 3

Application Process  and Tuition

Enrolment is limited. Applicants must apply here and will be selected on the basis of experience and suitability as reflected in their applications.

A $100 CAD per week non-refundable fee is required to secure your spot at the Intensive within 10 days of notification of your acceptance. The balance of your tuition is due by April 30th, 2018. Without full payment, you are at risk of forfeiting your spot at the Intensive. Unless you live outside Canada all payments are made by e-transfer to

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