BIO (see reviews below)

Erika Batdorf has been performing, directing, choreographing, animating art openings and creating award winning performance work since 1983. Her work has appeared in Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Korea, Indonesia, Georgia, India and 15 US states in such places as the Currents New Media, Smithsonian Institute, The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Harvard University, Movement Theatre Festivals in NY, Philadelphia and New Hampshire, the Boston Center for the Arts and many New York City and Toronto venues including Luminato. She has had 4 Dora nominations and two shows she created/directed with The Thistle Project made the top 10 theatrical productions of the year in NOW Magazine in Toronto (2006 and 2010). Some recents shows are- SOS! The Smell of the Soul, with musical duo Arwinda in performed in Tblisi, Georgia (the country), Munich, Jakarta and Toronto. She released an album, Inhale, and a new one will be out soon (We recorded in May) and she does concerts with Lisa Schamberger in Munich area. An exciting new performance/installation Burnish was in the 56th Venice Biennale and at The Theatre Centre in Toronto, and was presented there again in Summerworks 2016 and SBCAST in Santa Barbara this past winter and Santa Fe Currents New Media 2017. She choreographed the award wining The Living by Colleen Wagner summer 2015 for Summerworks, directed by Ines Buchli. She also works as a dramaturg for Lua Shayenne’s dance company. Batdorf was Associate Director for the Polish premiere of We Keep Coming Back for Self-Conscious Theatre and performed her solo Poetic License November 2016 at Tata Literature Live! in Mumbai.

Batdorf teaches at York University in Toronto where she received the Faculty of Fine Arts Dean’s Senior Teaching Award (2010) and in 1996 was voted Most Outstanding Faculty at The Boston Conservatory where she taught for 12 years. She has been a guest teacher at universities internationally and is listed in the Who’s Who of American Teachers. She ran The Batdorf School for Movement Theatre in Boston for several years and currently runs the Batdorf Intensive annually in her new space The Brink on Queen St W in Toronto.


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From the Santa Barbara Independent about BURNISH:

"Mystical and precise, “Burnish” managed to elicit a remarkably wide range of thoughts and emotions..."

You can read the full review here

and a lovely comment from Miki Garcia, Executive Director of the Santa Barbara Museum of Contemporary Art:

"Thank you so much for allowing me to experinece it! (Burnish) It was magical and intimate and brought up some wonderful feelings- I loved it!" 

and a review of Poetic License from Literature Live in Mumbai Nov 2016-

"Batdorf mesmerises audiences at ... The Mumbai LitFest -Large crowds thronged catch some of their favourite authors and experts on several riveting topics. In a performance that enthralled the audience, performer Erika Batdorf, single-handedly took them through her life by depicting three individual characters and their separate stories in a session called ‘Poetic License’.... Erika then...touched the audience’s hearts by delivering a heart-felt monologue where she addressed her daughters to not lose hope in life. This powerful performance challenged the audience to examine their desires in the context of eternity." NRINEWS


SOME GENERAL REVIEWS from over the years...

The Village Voice-  James Hannaham

“great facility and quirky humor… a new way of perceiving the world."

Backstage, NYC-  Jane Hogan

" Batdorf is extremely skilled… both intense and subtle… enigmatic yet accessible."

Eye Weekly Meghan Harrison *****

“Moving effortlessly from dry comedy to a gorgeous movement piece… warm-hearted, well-crafted …. A stunning and absorbing performance in its entirety…”

Toronto Star from a full length article by Susan Walker

“She’s poetry in motion. Batdorf is one of a kind…an electric presence even off-stage… she is unforgettable.”

**** The Globe and Mail (Toronto)- Kate Taylor

"impressively convincing… remarkable.”

The Boston Herald- Karen Campbell 

"…striking physicality. She doesn't so much create characters as embody their every thought… Batdorf is a natural and authoritative dancer and choreographer."

The Allentown Express (PA)

"One of the most effective integrations of theater of movement and idea I have ever seen."

Anchorage Daily News- Anne Herman 

"…succeeded in presenting the breadth of creative energy inherent in today's movement theater and performance art."

The Providence Phoenix- Johnette Rodriguez 

"Reverberations from a preview of Erika Batdorf's performance pieces two weeks ago produced intense conversations with colleagues, friends and even a stranger...Batdorf's down to earth, unpretentious combination of lecture and performance and her creative amalgam of storytelling and dance… make her pieces fresh and startling."

The Nice Paper (Providence, RI)- Rick Massimo 

"..entertaining, evocative movement… some of the movements spoke what would have taken hundreds of words…"

The Providence Journal

(Critics Choice) "…might just make you think about the way you think."

The Boston Phoenix

"...talking about Erika Batdorf is like singing about physics."

The Boston Herald- Karen Campbell

 “grows on the audience quickly... memorable ... touching and memorable … totally charming...”

The Boston Phoenix- Anne Marie Donahue

“gutsy… entirely convincing…amusing and horrifying by turns… affecting… quirky....”

The National Post (Toronto) Robert Cushman

“ piercingly performed...compassionately written… compelling... she does it admirably.”

EYE magazine, Toronto Kevin Connolly 

“impressive, unique creation… humor, cunning internal logic and quiet intimacy”

..a piece of good intellectual theatre.... uncanny in her shifts in and out of male persona, knows how to soft-sell poetic structure …Textbook movement-based theatre delivered from its musty binding, …compassion and intelligence that gives performance art a good name…breathtaking… not just credible… uplifting.”

Propaganda - NYC Fringe Paper-Rachel Scott

" sharp, insightful and entertaining... rich characterizations that embrace physicality with specificity and vivacity … packed with entertainment and surprises.... sporty physical and vocal work....a funny and touching theatrical experience..."

The Boston Globe- Skip Aschein

“gently surreal, imaginative, richly entertaining.…uncanny comic timing, an evocative visual metaphor...”

NOW magazine, Toronto Glenn S. 

“…the charismatic Batdorf… is a first-rate physical performer  …magical physicalization…"

Jon Kaplan

"Batdorf is marvelous…an appealing humanity.”

Theatre Mirror, New England Larry Stark

“”…effortless and miraculous... Batdorf’s body does amazing things, effortlessly, and there is a hidden hint of searching spirituality shining through all her work. She’s amazing.”

Bay Windows, Boston- Dawn Dougherty

"Her song, movement and emotions are completely absorbing... hard hitting and poignant.... clear and deep. Batdorf's talent is obvious… intriguing” 

The Theater Mirror, New England- Larry Stark

" powerful, enigmatic… keeps unfolding in the mind long after the lights fade… She is a commanding figure…The mystery of it never interferes with the obvious art involved… unsettlingly believable…intense and precise…startling images…unbelievably expressive..."

The Boston Phoenix- Anne Marie Donahue

“ abstract and free ranging work,…Batdorf marshals an artistic arsenal that includes multicharacter narrative, dance, song, and music... intense and emotionally raw... evocative...chillingly real...."

The Boston Herald- Iris Fanger

Batdorf brings much talent to the stage, particularly her highly trained, beautifully articulated dancer's body and a pleasing singing voice.

Words and Movement: The Dancer as Kinetic Writer by Anne L. Herman

"Her actions and gestures create a kinetic clarity and truth that is immediately apparent to the audience...."

The Hartford Courant- Tony Angarano

"a provocative solo work... a tightly structured work of real dimension …strength and substance."

Anchorage Daily News- Anne Herman

" thought-provoking…  a  succinctly potent comment on the human condition..."

Stage and Page- Keith Garebian

“What stamps it with genius is…Ms. Batdorf’s artistry.…quirky humour…Ms. Batdorf’s extraordinary physical movement speaks volumes… One of the extraordinary achievements of this solo piece is its vivid ability to make this longing a thing of spiritual radiance.”

Eye Weekly Paul Issacs

 “…supremely talented physical performer. … an absolute marvel: a pitch-perfectly timed symphony .... It’s a wonderfully sustained piece of tragic-comic acting.”

National Post, Robert Cushman,

“Batdorf is an underplayer, and the attitude she presents -- firm in her ideas, diffident in their presentation -- makes everyone feel at ease. (Batdorf is)…stabbing and unadorned.”

She Does the City- Lizzie McNeely

“Erika Batdorf is a force to be reckoned with… hilarious… a remarkable performer …amazing..…mystical beauty'