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    Erika is an artist that works in a number of mediums, mostly performance. 

    NEW REVIEW of Poetic License from Literature Live in Mumbai Nov 2016-

    "Batdorf mesmerises audiences at ... The Mumbai LitFest -Large crowds thronged catch some of their favourite authors and experts on several riveting topics. In a performance that enthralled the audience, performer Erika Batdorf, single-handedly took them through her life by depicting three individual characters and their separate stories in a session called ‘Poetic License’.... Erika then...touched the audience’s hearts by delivering a heart-felt monologue where she addressed her daughters to not lose hope in life. This powerful performance challenged the audience to examine their desires in the context of eternity." NRINEWS

     “She’s poetry in motion... one of a kind… an electric  presence… unforgettable.” TORONTO STAR  

    "striking physicality. She doesn't so much create characters as embody their every thought… "   THE BOSTON HERALD    

     “brilliant performer... multitalented writer, captivated the  audience’s attention... This interactive process binds the actor and spectators together...  ignites a change in you.” BANGKOK POST  

    “great facility and quirky humor." THE VILLAGE VOICE    

    "Batdorf is extremely skilled at creating the complex character through her physical movements...  Batdorf... created a full-blown character through voice and movement… clearly revealed her range. Batdorf's work is both intense and subtle, and her vulnerable characters remain enigmatic yet accessible." BACKSTAGE, NYC