Jan 12, 2018

We just had some terrific rehearsals with Kate Digby and Alan Macy both in Toronto from Kansas and Santa Barbara respectively, Mark-David Hosale as well as Omar Khan, who has joined the team. We rehearsed with Zoe Sweet and I performing, so Kate could flocus on directing/choreographing. It was really fun - with rich conversation with the whole team over many fun meals. We then did some emotional mapping, and we all learned TONS!!! Here we are slurping noodles and with me still wearing the electrodes. We are scheduled to do a lot of rehearsals on our two projects this spring and summer! I can't wait!


Jan 1, 2018

I was back in Kansas Dec 10-20 rehearsing with Kate Digby on "The Red Horse is Leaving". It was really fun and satisfying! The whole team (which has grown! Omar Khan has joined us to help with the complex technology!) will be here Jan 4-9th in Toronto, working with the biosensors, figuring out Kate's costume while Kate and I creating more choreography. I am starting to plan the BSI 2018. Information on that will start to slowly appear over the next month!


July 19th, 2017

I am currently in Kansas (it is 106 degrees here!!) working with Kate Digby on 'Simurgh' and beginning a remount of 'The Red Horse is Leaving' as a duet! We also just did a presentation in the UK at the Oxford conference: Movement: brain, body and cognition on The Batdorf Technique. We have one more week here and then I head home to REST and not travel (for work)... phew!

June 10th, 2017

We just opened BURNISH in Santa Fe for Media New Currents- which has such a strong show! I have loved what I've seen so far- really well curated- people from all over the world! We had ENORMOUS technical difficulties, we think from overheating but we are not really sure- but in the end the opening went soooo well! We were slammed with people! A lovely preview appeared in the Santa Fe New Mexican- We run two more days here!

April 20th, 2017

The Batdorf Spring Intensive is very soon, and we are sold out! We are in rehearsals soon to prepare Burnish with some changes for Media New Currents in Santa Fe and I am busy creating some new music to work on with Lisa Schamberger for concerts in the Munich area end of May. 

When I was in LA/Santa Barbara I had the absolutely delightful experience of being interviewed by Rainn Wilson for his Baha'i Blog... tons of fun!

Dec 18th 2016

The shows of Burnish at SBCAST went really well! We extended the run and sadly turned a lot of people away. Here is where i stayed with Kate Digby- surrounded by edible gardens that we ate from and solar panels.

We gave a talk at the wild and wonderful Fishbon - which is the home of Mark-David's absolutley delightful piece Defendex...

and you gotta love the Fishbon chairs!

We journeyed to Rainn Wilson's house, complete with pigs, for me to do a podcast for his Baha'i Blog coming out... not sure when (will let y'all know)

and PACIS team (Performance, Art and Cyber-Interoceptive Interfaces) myself, Kate Digby, Mark-David Hosale and Alan Macy- ended our fantastic week of work and bonding to prepare for our next project Simurgh by riding the carousel naturally...


November 25th

The shows in Mumbai at Literature Live! went really well! I will try to get some links up soon- but now I am back in Toronto getting ready to take Burnish to SBCAST in Santa Barbara Dec 9-11th.

December 9th, 6pm - 10pm 
December 10th, 6pm - 10pm 
December 11th, 2pm - 6pm

You can get tickets here:

SBCAST is located at:
513 Garden Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

new video and photos up on Mark-David Hosale's site:

October 25th, 2016

SO much going on! Where to begin!

I am performing Poetic License in Mumbai for Literature Live! Nov 18th and 19th... more info soon.

THEN Burnish goes to SBCAST in Santa Barbara Dec 9-11th.

AND, really big news... I HAVE A SPACE on QUEEN WEST through Artscape!!

more detail soon!

September 7, 2016

Burnish had a terrific sold out run at Summerworks 2016! And in July I took 3 amazing Fevergraph performers, now well trained in the Batdorf Technique- Tosha Doiron, Kate Gordon and Zoe Sweet to the 4th International Somatics Dance Conference in Geneva NY to demonstrate the technique. People who saw the demonstration were very excited and I am now fielding requests for workshops! I am back at York University- excited to share all the new stuff I have learned this spring/summer with students here! 


July 11, 2016

Getting ready to take Fevergraph performers, Tosha Doiron, Kate Gordon and Zoe Sweet to the 4th International SOmatics Dance Conference in Geneva NY to demonstrate the Batdorf Technique July 16th. 

ALSO getting ready for Burnish at Summerworks 2016! We will be in the Theatre Centre upstairs lobby Aug 4-9th!

I am just back from an exciting time in Poland with We Keep Coming Back as Associate Director for the Polish premiere. 

May 24, 2016 - 

A HUGE thank you to The Ontario Arts Council as Moleman Productions

(my company name) has received a theatre projects grant for our Presentation of Burnish at Summerworks 2016! We will be in the Theatre Centre upstairs lobby Aug 4-9th!

Plans for the Movement and Emotion as Computational Interfaces are underway and we received a bunch of boxes from Biopac of the bio sensors! so exciting!! (and daunting... this is majorly cool equipment!)




March 24th 2016

The Batdorf Spring Intensive is filling up quickly. It runs May 2-13th at Dovercourt House in Toronto. Sign up soon, only 14 places in the morning and 10 in the afternoon advanced class (already 8 filled).

We (Mark-David Hosale, Kate Digby and Alan Macy) are preparing for the Movement and Emotion as Computational Interfaces Workshop June 6-12, 2016 at York University. Registration is open now! This is an exciting research/experiment in art/science. We are bringing in some exciting speakers from both the somatic world- we are excited to have Martha Eddy and several leaders in art and computational interfaces. EVERYONE will do some somatic work AND EVERYONE will learn some things about computers and biosensors! A real coming together of different, new and exciting worlds! We will be asking some exciting questions and are excited to uncover new ones!

Kate Digby and Batdorf will be taking a group of advanced Batdorf Technique performers to the 4th Annual Somatic Dance and Performance Festival in Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, NY July 14-17, 2016 to demonstrate the technique.

Hosale and Batdorf will begin reworking Burnish for performance this summer in Toronto. Look for the annoucement here later this spring!


The Batdorf Spring Intensive is now open for registration! It will run May 2-13th at Dovercourt House in Toronto. Sign up soon, only 14 places in the morning and 10 in the afternoon advanced class (already 6 filled).

We (Mark-David HosaleKate Digby and I among others) have been furiously writing grants for upcoming projects. Once things get a little clearer I will put more info on the website and send out a newsletter!

I am also back working with Lua Shayenne Dance Company on Hybrid! So much fun!

Dec 26th 2015

The 2016 Batdorf Spring Intensive will run Monday to Friday for two weeks May 2-13th, 9-1pm at Dovercourt House in Toronto again! Details and registration coming soon! 

Nov 19th 2015

SOS The Smell of the Soul at The Array Music Studio Oct. 14-18.

went really well! We had full houses and a terrific response! John Lauener did a great video that we will try to edit and get an excerpt up eventually. (Why does that always take so long!) These photos are by our terrific costume designer Michelle Tracey. This is Lisa and Christian-

here I am as Silphidae (my hair is fading into pink from the blue dye!)


"The Smell of the Soul is new, profound... unique... humorous " - The Jakarta Globe

Featuring Erika Batdorf, Lisa Schamberger, Christian Bestle
& Chris von Baeyer
Directed by Guillaume Bernardi
Scenography by Trevor Schwellnus
Costumes by Michelle Tracey
Produced by Sue Edworthy
Stage and Production Manager Chad Dembski

Written by Erika Batdorf in collaboration with Arwinda- Lisa Schamberger and Christian Bestle.
Music composed by Lisa Schamberger.

Thanks for the generous support from:



August 7, 2015

I am in LA visiting my best buddy and meeting some potential collaborators. I did movement on a show The Living that opens tonight... it is selling out so get tickets now! I finished some development rehearsals with director Guillaume Bernardi on S.O.S. this past week that will run at The Array Music Studio in October 14-18 and the production team is meeting this week while I am away to determine costumes and visual elements, I am really excited to see what they come up with!



The Batdorf Summer Intensive begins this Monday and we have a very exciting group of strong participants and I am very excited! 

Check out her new solo BURNISH that premiered at the 56th Venice Biennale and The Theatre Centre in Toronto this May! 

She just taught a workshop in Ottawa at the Magnetic North Festival and after the intensive is off to Boston with Kate Digby to do a lecture demo and performance at the Second International Somatics Dance Conference in Massachusetts.

May -

Batdorf is in Germany doing concerts with Lisa Schamberger to release their new album INHALE.


 24.5.- 19°° -   Pfingstkonzert mit Erika Batdorf (K) in der Pfarrkirche 84424 Isen, St. Zenoplatz

25.5.- 19°° -   Pfingstkonzert mit Erika Batdorf (K) in der Basilika auf dem Petersberg/ 85253 Erdweg
29.5.- 20°° -   Pfingstkonzert mit Erika Batdorf (K) in der Sebastianskapelle in 84405 Dorfen, St. Sebastianweg
30.5.- 19.15 - Pfingstkonzert mit Erika Batdorf (K) in der Kirche Maria Himmelfahrt in 83527 Haag, Kirchplatz  

 Erika Batdorf's latest show BURNISH came back from the 56th Venice Biennale 

and ran at The Theatre Centre in Toronto May 15-20

You see a tent, hear a sound like whispered fire and singing. You can see, hear inside the tent through eye pieces, ear pieces. You are greeted by... a rabbit? a fortune teller? You chose some unusual cards. She goes to a table full of small objects, talking to herself, chosing something for you, trying to get it right. She looks at you, she moves as if she is trying to tell you something, shape you and then she hands you your gift. You leave, and you hear singing again, different now... someone else goes in.

     Inspired by a desire to cleanse the heart, this performance installation invites the audience to choose elements that affect an ever changing performance loop integrating music, digital technology, poetic text, art objects and singing. In a self-contained mini theatre, the artist, attached to bio-sensors, attempts to maintain a deeply authentic process that is altered by every interaction. What she says, sings and gives you is all in response to what you chose- some things set, some things intuitive. The audience can observe/hear the performer through a variety of instruments while one person at a time influences the performers choices. 

A live abstract jukebox.

Stay 5 minutes, stay 30... If you 'play', one full loop is approximately 15-18 minutes long.

Burnish will be open

 Fri May 15 - 6:30-9:00, 9:30-10:45

Sat May 16 – 6:30 - 9:00, 9:30-10:45

Sun May 17 – 1:00- 3:00, 3:30-6

Tues May 19 -  6:00-7:30, 9:30-10:30

Wed May 20 -  6:00-7:00, 9:30-10:30 CLOSE


 Apr 6, 2015

Working hard on Burnish for Venice and it will open at The Theatre Centre May 15th as well and run until May 20, right before I go to Munich for some concerts with Lisa Schamberger.


AND- here is the brochure for the Intensive in June/July-


Mar 15

Kate Digby and I met in Michigan to do a workshop.

It was a remarkable weekend... so much love and discovery, working on getting present in our bodies and singing a ton!! I fell in love with a ton of new people...

 Photos by Phillip Squires

Feb 20, 2015

So much going on... where do I start?? Kate Digby and I are working hard on the intensive planned for this summer in Toronto June 28-July 10 in the Batdorf Technique, and preping for a presentation and performance in July in Massachusetts, I am working hard on Burnish for the Venice Biennale with Mark-David Hosale, Suzanne Bartos and Ian Garrett, and for The Smell of the Soul, Guillaume Bernardi (director) and the production team are having meetings to get ready for October (as we will be in Europe so much before then), Lua Shayenne and I are setting up rehearsals for work with her company in June here in Toronto and concerts are being organized to launch the album INHALE officially this May with Lisa Schamberger in Munich... phew!


Jan 18, 2015

The workshop went very well and Kate Digby was here from New York City and we worked like crazy planning several upcoming events. She visited my class at York which was really helpful. She studied the work 20 years ago now! And then we met with Matthew Romantini who studied the work 10 years ago! SO fun to compare how things have developed... 

Kate and I will doing a presentation on my pedagogy, finally named, are you ready... The Batdorf Technique (not very original, but practical) in the Second International Conference on Teaching Somatics-Based Dance held at Dean College in Franklin, MA July 15-19, 2015.

We will do a lecture demonstration of the work and both of us will do performances created using the technique.

We are planning an intensive training that will happen in Toronto this summer, to be announced once we have finalized the details. Kate is now officially my assistant, as I am getting a bit overwhelmed with exciting opportunities (even though she is in NY, she knows the work so well, she is the ideal person to take this on), I am thrilled to have her excellent support and assistance. 

Lua Shayenne has received a grant to have me come train her dance company in the work... very exciting! I have been working with actors a lot since I came to Toronto, I am thrilled to be able to work with a dance company here in Toronto, having done this so much in Boston.

I am busy finalizing the information for the catalogue for NDH Official Collateral Event in 56th Venice Biennale... photos and a name for the new piece- Burnish.

I did a run of the piece for Kate in the studio today... coming together! Just got a map of where I will be performing in the Palazzo Loredan Garden in Venice.  

Jan 12, 2015

WORKSHOP!! Jan 15, Thurs 9:30-12:30

Too many things going on and I can't keep up on the website- but for now-

For any of my former students (sorry no new folks for this workshop) I am offering a one time Kinesthetic Transference workshop 
(the emotional connection work)
Jan 15 Thursday 9:30-12:30 at Artscape Youngplace
The Silver room (I have no idea which room that is! I will find you in the lobby!)
180 Shaw Street

PWYC (between 10-30$ appropriate but please don’t let money be an issue!)

If you have studied this work with me before, come and join us! 

There will be more in the future and let me know if you want to be on an e mail list for these pop up workshop!


Dec 5, 2014

Back in Toronto for awhile now after a terrific time in Athens at Kinitiras. Giorgos Yokotos took some great photos of the performance!


October 2014

In Athens at Kinitiras after the site visit with 9dragonheads in Venice. Working very hard and things are going well. I will do a talk and brief presentation, really rough on Nov 1st at 8pm. I will talk about the piece and ask the audience to look at some things for me for feedback. I LOVE the people at Kinitiras that I have met so far! But mainly I am in a true residency process... blissfully alone.


October 8, 2014

I have been back in Toronto now since August and so much is going on it is hard to keep the website updated! Lisa Schamberger and I finished recording the CD, which has since been mastered and we think we finally have the order and are FINISHED! Now we just need to print it and get it out there...

Being back at York teaching is great! It has been so terrific to have two years off to get 'fresh info' and I am enjoying teaching again a lot!

I am getting ready to go to Venice to meet the 9dragonheads gang - we are doing a site visit for the Venice Bienalle 2015, where I will perform the new piece I am working on in May. Right after that I go to Athens for a residency and workshop performance at KinitirasHere is the info on what I am working on there...

And that is just the tip of the exposed iceberg... I am actually focused on trying to get enough sleep to have the energy for everything...


July 30, 2014

A late report on the Butoh workshop in Italy with Yumiko Yoshioka! She is a master teacher and it was great to get moving again after a year of lyric writing, singing, recording (and viral arthritis... arg). We did an impromptu performance in the gorgeous Italian town of Dolcedo. I took the mask that I am developing a piece with (see Rabbit Blog) Here is a photo from the performance...


July 24, 2014

Well much has happened since my last news report and now I am back in Toronto! I took an excellent Butoh workshop in Dolcedo Italy with Yumiko Yoshioka for a week and then did the final recording with Lisa in Munich at taptone studios. I am now home, getting settled back in Toronto and listening to the final mix of the CD... (and writing grants like every other theatre artist right now in Toronto!)


June 21, 2014

The concert outside Dachau went really well! We had a full house on a gorgeous day! The response to the new music was terrific! It is always a pleasure to discover the response of a large audience of people who you do not know to new material, it was clear that they enjoyed it; hugs and the effusive body language were all clear! Lisa and I were delighted! Hope the recording can reflect some of this magic!

Here is the inside of the old church where the concert was (from 900 AD), and the beautiful old door... (COLD!) as we were setting up:


June 6, 2014

So I am off to prepare for the concert outside of Munich Sunday June 9th! I am really excited to finally share this music with an audience!

May 21, 2014

I am in Dorfen, outside of Munich with Lisa rehearsing before our first recording in Munich tomorrow. Nervous? well, sorta, not like for a live performance somehow, and yet I should be, this will be etched in vinyl figuratively, forever... but then we can edit, what a lovely thught! Mostly my English lyrics and Lisa's gorgeous music and a few other pieces... all new, all a good learning curve for me. We have a concert June 8th at 7pm in the Petersburg Konzerte series outside of Munich near Erdweg. This will be really fun! My first ALL music no ACTING performance...

April 4, 2014

Lisa Schamberger arrives on Monday in Berlin for us to work on a whole bunch of new music. I have been writing lyrics to a number of her compositions and now we will see if they work!! 

Jan 15, 2014

Arwinda and I had terrific rehearsals on The Smell of the Soul outside of Munich and except for a few minor details, have finished the script! We recorded all the music (just a hand held recording for our records and grants etc) but it feels great to have this all done and ready to get going on finding how we are going to get this piece to North America!!

and Lisa Schamberger and I not only dreamed up our next project, but scheduled it all!

I also learned how to use my new microphone and even how to work with it with the Rabbit mask, which will be tons of fun (and work) to figure out... I am still wrestling with suffocation with this mask on. Makes me think back to all the performances I saw in Bali and how long they wear the masks sometimes. I wish I had asked them how they manage that!! When I studied Topeng, I only wore the mask for 5 minutes at a time!

SO back to Berlin, the book and The Rabbit development now! (yes and dang it, grant writing...)

Jan 11, 2014

Thrilled to be back in Munich rehearsing with Arwinda! 

Dec 13, 2013

I am focused on writing two books and working on the new performance piece with the rabbit mask... and still working on my health - yes I still have that unpronouncable Indonesian mosquito born disease- Chikungunya - say that 5 times fast I dare you. I am about to overdose on Berlin theatre, dance and opera for the next month while I try to see how long I can wear the rabbit mask without feeling like I am suffocating. Meanwhile I just uploaded, finally a bunch of video footage from various events this past year and before. So revisit my webpages and look for videos!! Here are a few links-

Tblisi, Georgia show where I first met Arwinda Oct 2012

Stupid Fish and Complicit Trees, the collaboration with Suzanne Bartos and first real experiment with the rabbit mask June 2013

Little Boat- some video from ages ago - a performance installation in Korea in 2004

and here is a trailer video of How Can I Forget that I co-directed August 2013 With Adam Letovitz for Sook-Yin Lee and Benjamin Kamino, but this video is from before I got my nasty little editorial hands on it! We had so much fun!

Nov 23

Sook-Yin Lee called me in Berlin for an interview for Definately Not the Opera...

episode Nov 23rd- DNTO is getting dressed up

I'm towards the end... fun episode!!

Nov 19th

I spent a week working with Arwinda in Munich in November and we made plans for the next show that we are creating. I am back in Berlin writing... writing a novel, writing lyrics and working on the book about the emotional/physical training that I do for actors.

September 29, 2013

I just posted a video excerpt of The Smell of the Soul performed at Salihara in Jakarta!

Come see the show in Munich on Nov 7th at Heppel & Ettlich 8pm! There will be two new songs!

September 2, 2013

So I am living in Berlin now after a fantastic time in Toronto co-directing How Can I Forget with Adam Letovitz featuring Sook-Yin Lee and Benjamin Kamino for the Summerworks Festival, marvelously curated and run by Michael Rubenfeld... WHO I ran into last April while I was performing in Munich... and he then invited me to come to Toronto FROM Indonesia to do this crazy and fun Summerworks project. So does this prove that you have to move half way around the world, then back half way again to get a new gig in your home town? Perhaps... in any case, I was in Munich performing with the amazing Arwinda

and we are doing the show there again, so come and see

The Smell of the Soul, with a few new songs and some changes...

Nov 7th at Heppel & Ettlich 8pm

and Arwinda and I are also scheming and dreaming up our next piece together, since this one was so fun!

See you there!


August 10, 2013

And we opened How Can I Forget!! With one rave review so far at Mooneyon theatre.

And more articles-

National Post

The Torontoist


August 8, 2013

SO I have just been too busy to keep up online... co-directing How Can I Forget  for Summerworks in Toronto with Sook-Yin Lee and Benjamin Kamino.

This Globe and Mail article gives an overview of the work/process.

This is Adam Litovitz, also a creative partner in the group taking rehearsal photos in the old Theatre Centre... great to be in here again. So many memories. Still love this place! But wow! I am glad they moved... it gets creepier and scarier and more run down than ever; but I still love this space.

July 1, 2013

SO Suzanne Bartos and I created our installation performance 'Stupid Fish and Complicit Trees' at NAKYMA in Akaa, Finland. It was fun and I learned a ton that I will share in my blog once I have some time!!


June 24, 2013

Off to create an installation perormance piece 'Stupid Fish and Complicit Trees' with Suzanne Bartos from Sydney Australia, at NAKYMA in Akaa Finland with Chikungunya... the illness not the artist... but going anyway! Almost canceled... but could not resist... more soon


June 11, 2013

The Smell of the Soul with Arwinda at Salihara in Jakarta went really well! I will post review excerpts soon! Here is a photo!

June 2, 2013

So I leave tomorrow for Jakarta to rehearse with Retna Sudibyo Lawu to integrate her into The Smell of the Soul in Bahasa Indonesian to open the Salihara Theatre Festival. Arwinda arrives from Munich on Wednesday! More soon!!



May 25, 2013

The workshop for actresses from various theatre companies across Indonesia in Solo, organized by Ines Somellera and Sari Madjid went extraorinarily well!! There were 12 participants and we had an amazing time. I have been termporarily knocked off my feet by Dengue Fever... and hopefully I will be well enough for the Jakarta show- Arwinda joins me there May 5th and before that I continue this workshop with an advanced group in Jakarta and then we do two shows of The Smell of the Soul with Retna Sayeki Lawu at Salihara June 7th and 8th.


April 25, 2013

The Munich show went SOOOO well!!

Thanks to all that came! The audience participation was fantastic! I loved that most of the audience stayed (many for almost an hour!) after the show and kept talking to each other. Watch my blog for statistics from the show... every show I ask the audience questions and I will track the answers! 


"The piece has the potential to get people to question their attitude about life. Lovely haunting music and you are a strong personality able to hold everything together."

"I went back and forth between laughing and my jaw dropping open"

"Wonderful topic, great music and interesting perspective on death"

"I liked the show, especially the topic, This is something that is not often talked about (in public).  I really liked the two women singing together."

"I loved your program. You have (a) nice spiritual message and it makes the audience reflect."

 PLEASE COME! or tell your German friends!

April 11, 2013  I am in Munich area now rehearsing with Arwinda... we are working VERY HARD and it is going well! Always the same in any rehearsal process- never enough time! Just saw Michael Rubenfeld and Jamie Maczko in Cherry Docs in Munich, which was a blast! the two weeks I am in Munich- there is a play from Canada where I know the author, director and both actors! And SUCH a great show!!

April 1, 2013   I spent an intense two weeks with Rainsford in Melbourne really experimenting... we went out on some really compelling limbs with no broken bones... but the work was hard at times and truly challenging and in the heart of my interests- working deeply and freely with Rainsford as a solid outside eye and support. Now, after a family vacation traveling in Flores and diving, which seemed a world away from theatre, I spent the day in the Labuan Bajo airport, waiting for a delayed plane, while my son was juggling, I was learning lines to get ready to work on the The Smell of the Soul, for the Munich performance April 19th withArwinda- I am quite excited about this new show and if you are in Munich, I hope to see you there! If not, i hope I can bring the show to you somewhere... or if you are passing by Jakarta June 7 or 8, you can see it there too! 

February 20, 2013

I am headed to Melbourne to work on another show/process with Rainsford, but meanwhile,

January 15, 2013

Happy Gregorian New Year! after an intensive week working with Rainsford in Melbourne, some exciting Australian travel and more work on the script, I am back in Bali. I am taking traditional Balinese dance classes through the Dell'Arte International Bali program, which I recommend to anyone who wants an intensive Balinese theatre experience. Friday I head back to Sydney, Australia to work with Suzanne Bartos - a visual artist I am collaborating with for another future project!

November 19, 2012

Many exciting projects moving forward and things soon to be in place. Headed to Melbourne to work with Rainsford starting Dec 10th, very excited about this!! Working with several theatre companies in Indonesia setting up some advanced training for professionals that I will offer actors in Jakarta in February. Had a great skype work session with Arwinda last night; Lisa Schamberger is creating some amazing music and we will be performing together in Munich area in April - date soon to be set! Keep watching here for more details... been too busy to blog as much as I'd like... but some rich stuff coming soon from the work with Rainsford I am sure. Script is moving along!! Body hurts more than I'd like... need more Balinese massage! 

October 8, 2012

I am back in Bali after Turkey, Uzbekistan and Georgia. The performances went better than I could have possibly imagined, the collaboration with Arwinda was SO EXCITING we are going to create the whole new piece together and it is going to take me quite some time to process this whole extraordinary trip. (see below and Studio Journal for more details) With several new projects on the horizon now, I am trying to find the balance between digging in to the work here in Bali, and more traveling for the next year. Video will appear at some point of the performances with Arwinda.

September 14, 2012

In a few days I leave for Istanbul and this exciting extended artistic tour through Uzbekistan and ending in Tblisi, Georgia (see past news below). I will be trying to blog daily on our activities, with hopefully photos and some video if I can get it together! It will be in the Studio Journal starting Sept 18th approx! 


September 11, 2012

Developments with my upcoming trip and performances (see past news Aug 22 below) are exciting...

I am collaborating with an exciting German music group Arwinda to animate the opening. Tom Kerr is creating some fantastic music for us back in Toronto, while I try desperately to become a lyricist (learning fast on my feet) and skype is invaluable! I can't believe I am leaving in 5 days!


August 22 2012

I was invited to join 9dragonheads for a trip through Uzbekistan and I decided (at the last moment) to do it!

This is a group of international artists whom I joined in Korea in 2004. We meet for an event at Istanbul Modern, then for a journey through Uzbekistan ending with an event in an abandoned ship (in which I will be performing) in the now dry Aral Sea, Sept 29th and then in Tblisi, Georgia at the Karvasla National Museum Oct 5th. for the Artisterium. Exciting places for me to workshop aspects of this growing solo! Check out 9dragonheads and the journey- for more info on this trip - click 9dragonheads and look for Nomadic Party II

July 8th 2012

Turned 50 today and tomorrow I get on a plane for Asia! I will be in Bali for at least 6 months, maybe a year and we will spend some time traveling in... India and Australia and who knows? Some writing, some studying, some developing new work... 


June 21st 2012

I did an unusual reading of a super early draft of my new solo... it involved getting the audience very involved! It was terrifying! but went really well! I am very thankful to those who came and the feedback was very helpful. Tom Kerr, the composer, joined me and as usual was fantastic! I missed Teresa Przbylski and Elizabeth Asselstine, who are both off in Europe and unable to join me, but they have been critical to the development of this new piece... The workshops are over as well as the advanced class - which was so exciting! Thanks to Ontario Arts Council!! One more showing to go hopefully before I leave...

I am also working with film maker Aaron Phelan on recording some older solos... we spent all day June 27th doing Mr. Raisin Head with an amazing team!

The departure to Bali gets closer and closer...  keep following the blogs... I'll be in a new continent but still sharing what's happening in the studio...


The classes I offered in Toronto this spring were an experiment... would I enjoy teaching outside of York University? What did I want to teach? Was there enough interest? I decided to teach nothing I already teach at York.

I wanted to see if this was worth doing after I get back from Bali and the answer is a clear YES! There is interest, the people who came were all serious and interesting! It was a win/win for all...

So... when I come back! there will be more! Starting in September 2013... so be patient!! (and let me know if you want to be on an e blast mailing list)

Currently still happening... (and still space for drop in for advanced foilks)

Advanced Kinesthetic Transference (6 session series) 

Eligibility: Open to participants who have studied with Erika previously, or who have done similar work such as Authentic Movement or Grotowski work. Please include an overview of your embodied performance practice experience with registration fee if you have not worked with Erika before.

Dates and Times - 9 am- 12 pm

Fri May 25, Tues June 12, Wed June 13, Fri June 15, Mon June 18, Wed June 20                

Location:              251 Sorauren Ave, 4th floor, Studio 405

Cost:                    $40 per class (unregistered drop in- please let me know day of!)

                           $35 per class (if you pre-register)

                           $200 for all six classes

This class will review the principles of emotional connection through physiological awareness and go deeper! The class will include time to explore independently within the group as well as group improvisation... we will source as always from sensation but include at times image, music, text and self-directed choices. A great class to play and discover new material, deepen your emotional authenticity as a performer and challenge yourself in a structured group environment.



Spirituality and Performance 

Eligibility:             For experienced performers

Dates:                  June 3 (10am-4pm)  

Location:              251 Sorauren Ave, 4th floor, Studio 405

Cost:                   $75 

This workshop will include a series of exercises, practices and principles that consciously examine the spiritual aspects of performance as well as how elements of meditation and prayer can be applied directly to performance.



A Non-Refundable Deposit of 50% is required to register for the workshop.

All participants must email to register. You will be sent an invoice and paypal link. If you do not use paypal please mail a cheque made out to MOLEMAN PRODUCTIONS to:

  • Moleman Productions
  • 20A Lavinia Ave
  • Toronto ON M6S3H7

Once downpayment is received your registration is complete. Balance of fees are required not later than the first day of class.


Erika Batdorf has written, created, performed, directed and choreographed original movement theater since 1983. Her solo works have appeared in such places as the Smithsonian Institute, The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Landegg Academy for International Development in Switzerland, on the mainstage for The 7th International Women Playwrights Conference in Jakarta, Indonesia, Nine Dragon Heads International Art Symposium in South Korea, France, Hawaii, Mexico, Harvard University, the Movement Theater Festival International and the Women's Theater Festival in Philadelphia, Trinity Repertory Theatre in Providence, RI, for three years featured at Boston’s Women on Top theatre festival and in NYC for PS122, Dixon Place, Moonworks, So Grand Studio's Movement Theater Festival, the NY International Fringe Festival and recently in Brooklyn. She has performed in Toronto at Theatre Passe Muraille backspace, twice in Hysteria at Buddies in Bad Times and 3 times in Rhubarb! Batdorf performed for the UN conference in Switzerland entitled, ‘The Role of Women in a United Europe’, the UN Global Summit in Copenhagen. She has performed, created plays and guest directed for universities and theatres across the USA. She ran The Batdorf School for Movement Theatre in Boston for several years and currently teaches at York University in Toronto. She has received 4 Dora nominations since 2005 (two for new plays, one for performance and one for directing).

She has created and directed original productions for Luminato 2010 (One Pure Longing), and several with The Thistle Project. Her directing work has made the top 10 list in NOW for theatre twice- 2006 for the smash hit Gorey Story and 2010 for Peer Gynt, featuring Susan Coyne and Matthew Romantini. She also received the jury prize at Summerworks 07 for co-creating and directing Faye Dupras in Bird’s Eye View.


Erika is developing a new solo with Teresa Przbylski and Elizabeth Asselstine as designers and co- creators that they will workshop this spring in Erika's studio with support from The Ontario Arts Council... they will need brave audience members to play with Erika- as this piece is becoming very interactive! They will do a call for test audiences in late May and June thru early July.

Erika is then moving to Bali in late July with her husband and son for 6 months and after that- who knows!! She will be studying, working on this new solo, maintaining a blog and creating a video blog and if all goes well, beginning to write a book!! She will be back next summer... but the blog's will be active- so keep watching!