Mr. Raisin Head is a comic monologue told by a lascivious bachelor who has air in his head and is obsessed with water. As he looks for his true self, we meet the grape he marries and a variety of Virtues including Purity and Justice. Eventually his love for water and an encounter with the gorgeous Trustworthiness triggers his ultimate transformation. 

Erika Batdorf as Paul, or   Mr. Raisin Head.

Erika Batdorf as Paul, or Mr. Raisin Head.

News & Reviews

THE BOSTON GLOBE by Skip Aschein
“Batdorf’s gently surreal Mr. Raisin Head.... is imaginative and richly entertaining... as an actress, she combines an ear for fine-tuned inflection with canny comic timing... the ending is an evocative visual metaphor...”

THE VILLAGE VOICE by James Hannaham
Batdorf "slinks her way through... with great facilty and quirky humor. In Mr. Raisin Head she inhabits a Southie-type flunkie who tries to stave off his impending age and obscurity by learning something about art; hoping that 'virtues' will recognize him. In the process he begins to discover a personal philosophy and a new way of perceiving the world."

BAY WINDOWS by Dawn Dougherty
“Batdorf transforms herself into her male and female characters with style and ease (playing multiple characters/identities seems to be one of her strong points), and Paul’s (Mr. Raisin Head) lizard-like journey of discovery is both humorous and tortured. She captures the nuances of his male character without exaggeration or insult and you are drawn to his sweet and insecure nature.

“It’s not just the shirt and tie, pants and suit jacket she wears that transforms Erika Batdorf into a man--- it’s stance, gesture patterns, accent, and attitude. And she shows how easy it is by winding herself into a fluffy pink boa from time to time to become Mr. Raisin Head’s girlfriend...When Batdorf’s Mr. Raisin Head becomes a fish, the transformation is as effortless and miraculous as that from man to woman and back. Batdorf’s body does amazing things, effortlessly, and there is a hidden hint of searching spirituality shining through all her work. She’s amazing.”

Erika Batdorf in  Mr. Raisin Head.

Erika Batdorf in Mr. Raisin Head.

Touring Information:

Mr. Raisin Head (ages 10-adult) is adaptable to a variety of spaces and needs minimal lighting and basic sound equipment. Mr. Raisin Head combines well with kid for contrast or with Litko and Sermon by David Mamet performed by Batdorf for a full evening of wild and sophisticated comedy. This show has toured across the USA and Canada, twice in NY, many runs in Boston and also ran for 3 weeks in Toronto.

The performance runs 45 minutes with no intermission.

For presenters' package and touring information contact Erika at