My Life is a Mountainous Table: a docudrama of a falling man:

 a 10-12 actor multimedia theatrical exploration of dissociation, trauma and the landscape of memory.

The Seven Mysteries of Life:

an adaptation of Guy Murchies science book by the same name- this full length play with 5 characters covers 7 scientific mysteries- light and educational

The Judgment Day Cafe:

a 20 minute feminist comedy... 4 women make an evening of collaborative, deconstructionist, non-linear, no conflict theatre... feminist purgatory

We the People:

a 20 minute large group dance theatre piece- political, with lots of P words. One politician-and one dancing crowd... from complacency to rebellion


a 20 minute 8 person dance theatre piece about communication... a man hole is left open with a hat and a lunch box next to it, a woman tells the man (is he down there?) her secrets, a mother holds a conversation with her child who is across the street, a couple gets separated mid sentence...


Site specific work always an option, original theatre work as well... lots of choreography up her sleave...