Batdorf News Archive
Jan 12, 2018

We just had some terrific rehearsals with Kate Digby and Alan Macy both in Toronto from Kansas and Santa Barbara respectively, Mark-David Hosale as well as Omar Khan, who has joined the team. We rehearsed with Zoe Sweet and I performing, so Kate could flocus on directing/choreographing. It was really fun - with rich conversation with the whole team over many fun meals. We then did some emotional mapping, and we all learned TONS!!! Here we are slurping noodles and with me still wearing the electrodes. We are scheduled to do a lot of rehearsals on our two projects this spring and summer! I can't wait!

Jan 1, 2018

I was back in Kansas Dec 10-20 rehearsing with Kate Digby on "The Red Horse is Leaving". It was really fun and satisfying! The whole team (which has grown! Omar Khan has joined us to help with the complex technology!) will be here Jan 4-9th in Toronto, working with the biosensors, figuring out Kate's costume while Kate and I creating more choreography. I am starting to plan the BSI 2018. Information on that will start to slowly appear over the next month!

July 19th, 2017

I am currently in Kansas (it is 106 degrees here!!) working with Kate Digby on 'Simurgh' and beginning a remount of 'The Red Horse is Leaving' as a duet! We also just did a presentation in the UK at the Oxford conference: Movement: brain, body and cognition on The Batdorf Technique. We have one more week here and then I head home to REST and not travel (for work)... phew!

June 10th, 2017

We just opened BURNISH in Santa Fe for Media New Currents- which has such a strong show! I have loved what I've seen so far- really well curated- people from all over the world! We had ENORMOUS technical difficulties, we think from overheating but we are not really sure- but in the end the opening went soooo well! We were slammed with people! A lovely preview appeared in the Santa Fe New Mexican- We run two more days here!

April 20th, 2017

The Batdorf Spring Intensive is very soon, and we are sold out! We are in rehearsals soon to prepare Burnish with some changes for Media New Currents in Santa Fe and I am busy creating some new music to work on with Lisa Schamberger for concerts in the Munich area end of May. 

When I was in LA/Santa Barbara I had the absolutely delightful experience of being interviewed by Rainn Wilson for his Baha'i Blog... tons of fun!

Dec 18th 2016

The shows of Burnish at SBCAST went really well! We extended the run and sadly turned a lot of people away. Here is where i stayed with Kate Digby- surrounded by edible gardens that we ate from and solar panels.


We gave a talk at the wild and wonderful Fishbon - which is the home of Mark-David's absolutley delightful piece Defendex...

and you gotta love the Fishbon chairs!

We journeyed to Rainn Wilson's house, complete with pigs, for me to do a podcast for his Baha'i Blog coming out... not sure when (will let y'all know)


and PACIS team (Performance, Art and Cyber-Interoceptive Interfaces) myself, Kate Digby, Mark-David Hosale and Alan Macy- ended our fantastic week of work and bonding to prepare for our next project Simurgh by riding the carousel naturally...



November 25th

The shows in Mumbai at Literature Live! went really well! I will try to get some links up soon- but now I am back in Toronto getting ready to take Burnish to SBCAST in Santa Barbara Dec 9-11th.

December 9th, 6pm - 10pm
December 10th, 6pm - 10pm
December 11th, 2pm - 6pm

You can get tickets here:

SBCAST is located at:
513 Garden Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

new video and photos up on Mark-David Hosale's site:

October 25th, 2016

SO much going on! Where to begin!

I am performing Poetic License in Mumbai for Literature Live! Nov 18th and 19th... more info soon.

THEN Burnish goes to SBCAST in Santa Barbara Dec 9-11th.

AND, really big news... I HAVE A SPACE on QUEEN WEST through Artscape!!

more detail soon!

September 7, 2016

Burnish had a terrific sold out run at Summerworks 2016! And in July I took 3 amazing Fevergraph performers, now well trained in the Batdorf Technique- Tosha Doiron, Kate Gordon and Zoe Sweet to the 4th International Somatics Dance Conference in Geneva NY to demonstrate the technique. People who saw the demonstration were very excited and I am now fielding requests for workshops! I am back at York University- excited to share all the new stuff I have learned this spring/summer with students here! 



July 11, 2016

Getting ready to take Fevergraph performers, Tosha Doiron, Kate Gordon and Zoe Sweet to the 4th International SOmatics Dance Conference in Geneva NY to demonstrate the Batdorf Technique July 16th. 

ALSO getting ready for Burnish at Summerworks 2016! We will be in the Theatre Centre upstairs lobby Aug 4-9th!

I am just back from an exciting time in Poland with We Keep Coming Back as Associate Director for the Polish premiere. 

May 24, 2016 - 

A HUGE thank you to The Ontario Arts Council as Moleman Productions

(my company name) has received a theatre projects grant for our Presentation of Burnish at Summerworks 2016! We will be in the Theatre Centre upstairs lobby Aug 4-9th!

Plans for the Movement and Emotion as Computational Interfaces are underway and we received a bunch of boxes from Biopac of the bio sensors! so exciting!! (and daunting... this is majorly cool equipment!)