Facing East

"Batdorf's Facing East crosses the line between dance and performance art. Using song, speech and movement, she has created a provocative solo… The tensile grace of her body expresses the work's strength and substance."
The Hartford Courant

"…a thought provoking study of death and life, with a strong undercurrent of ritual that intensified the emotions of words and actions onstage…a succinctly potent comment on the human condition…"
Anchorage Daily News

"Her song, movement and emotions are completely absorbing... These scenes are hard hitting and poignant... "Facing East" is held together by the original and mesmerizing music of Bruce Grover....The vocals were clear and deep, and the musical accompaniment was an intelligent and thoughtful interweaving of the story. Batdorf's talent is obvious…. Facing East" is pieced together like a patchwork quilt. The textured layers of music and dance combine to create a dramatic presentation that both tells the story and creates the intriguing mood..."
Bay Windows, Boston


Umik, A dear Inuit friend visited me from Paraguay and said "Erika, I am going to die soon- when I do, you must pray to me, I will work through you." I couldn't pray to him. Then I watched too many people I loved die from AIDS. I couldn't pray to them. So I wrote Richard and asked him if I could come to Toronto and have him help me with this piece I was creating on death and prayer. I got a post card saying he had passed on. Using physical 'prayers', invoking the souls of three of Batdorf's mentors, Richard Pochinko, Dr. Gari Rea Airth {Umik} and Lucy Jarvis who have passed on, we struggle to understand death in life.

Technical Requirements: Facing East (ages 12-adult) is a 75 minute solo that requires a full stage (with at least one wing or exit), good theatrical lighting and sound. The set includes a grave size mound of earth and pennies covering the floor. This is a full evening performance.


Descriptions still to come:

The Watcher and the Watched
Waiting for the Dawn
Litko/Serman by Mamet