Nomadic Party #2- 17th International Environment Art Symposium 2012

A group of international artists started with a symposium in Istanbul, Turkey at Istanbul Modern, then flew to Taskent and drove for many days to the Aral Sea through Uzbekistan. We did a performance in Moynaq, in the now dry Aral Sea. I performed a song (music by Tom Kerr) called The Rowing Song on one of ths ships in the now desert. I also did many impromptu performances along the way. It was an amazing and inspiring journey. We then flew back to Tashkent and then to Tblisi, Georgia, where we created an exhibit based on the trip and I created a piece with Arwinda for Artisterium on Oct 5th to a large audience of about 1500 + at the Karvasla Museum. You can find more information and photos at 9dragonheads under Nomadic Party #2

 A video of Arwinda and I rehearsing, we had literally just met days before, video footage by Graham Cochrane-

rehearsing the first version of The Smell of the Soul in Tblisi, Georgia from Erika Batdorf on Vimeo.