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A fairytale without the darkness washed away.

Meet shy Moleman, an old Frogman and a frightening Birdlady, imaginatively brought to life by a four year old coming to terms with a forgotten mystery. One of Batdorf's most arresting pieces, kid is profoundly moving with an uplifting and transformative ending. Kid has toured extensively to rave reviews and overwhelmingly positive audience response and was most recently remounted in Toronto in October 2011. 

Erika Batdorf in   Kid .  Photo by David Howe.

Erika Batdorf in Kid. Photo by David Howe.

News & Reviews

BACKSTAGE by Jane Hogan
"Batdorf became a little girl waiting for her sister, who may or may not really be coming, who tells the audience a story while hoping her sister arrives. Batdorf... created a full-blown character through voice and movement... Batdorf's work is both intense and subtle, and her vulnerable characters remain enigmatic yet accessible."

PROPAGANDA - NYC Fringe Paper, Rachel Scott "Erika Batdorf's creation is sharp, insightful and entertaining... Batdorf creates rich characterizations that embrace physicality with specificity and vivacity... packed with entertainment and surprises.... But this isn't simply an actor tossing off clever character work; the pieces resonate with deeper and more complex questions about how we live. Beneath Batdorf's sporty physical and vocal work, the characters are wrestling with the agonizing problems of being human. The first is about a vulnerable, lonely girl anticipating her sister’s arrival. The character... is so endearing in her vulnerability that it’s almost painful....a funny and touching theatrical experience...."

THE BOSTON PHEONIX by Anne Marie Donahue
"The riskiest offering in the entire festival is an odd and haunting monologue called ‘kid’ written and performed by the gutsy Erika Batdorf. Against all odds, Batdorf is entirely convincing as a four-year-old girl who calls herself Stinky.... Stinky’s tale, amusing and horrifying by turns, centers on her quest to find Mr. Mean Man, who not only made Stinky stinky but also condemned her to remain a little kid forever. Along the way, she meets three other creatures who’ve been blighted by the same diabolical guy: Mr. Mole Man, an artistic turtle who thinks he’s a mole; the brave Mr. Frog Man, who is blind; and the menacing Birdlady, who can’t fly. Ultimately, all come to a nasty end except Stinky, who wreaks her revenge at great cost and then metamorphoses into an adult. In lesser hands than Batdorf’s, ‘kid’ could come off as ridulous. As, performed, however, it is an affecting piece as both quirky narrative and as an allegory of childhood trauma.”

THE GLOBE AND MAIL by Kate Taylor ****
"Impressively convincing... Batdorf fashions a tidy little allegory for the way child abuse freezes the vistim in immaturity.... Again, it’s the contrast between her recherche themes and her warm physical comedy that makes Batdorf’s work remarkable.”

Comments from Health professionals about 'kid'

"Kid," the dynamic performance by Erika Batdorf, is a deeply moving expression of the inner life of an abused child. I strongly encourage mental health professionals to view it themselves as well as to encourage their clients with an abuse history to attend, as it validates the universality of what might otherwise be seen as a unique experience. Batdorf's use of the arts as an approach to healing the devastating wounds of abuse is inspiring and reminds us of the intrinsic capacity of the heart to transcend all limitations.
- Mary K. Radpour, LCSW, family therapist, Chattanooga, Tennessee

Kid is a stunningly emotional portrayal of lasting trauma and the process of healing from childhood sexual abuse. It states the truth in a way that touches the heart. It is powerful enough to bring tears to seasoned counselors, and sensitive enough to be used as a training tool for students and as a healing tool for abuse victims. It is an excellent foundation piece for the discussion of many aspects of abuse such as self esteem, defenses, repressed memory, issues of trust, the core of fear and others. Excellent and extremely insightful.
- Hazel A. Hutton, LAC, LSW (Licensed Addiction Counselor and Licensed Social Worker in the state of North Dakota) former child protective services supervisor

Touring Info:

kid (ages 14-adult) is adaptable to a variety of spaces but works best with a full stage and lighting. Kid combines well with Mr. Raisin Head and/or Litko and Serman by David Mamet performed by Batdorf.

kid is an excellent piece for events dealing with trauma recovery. It has been presented with great success in theatres as well as numerous conferences dealing with abuse and trauma. This show has toured across the USA and had a 3 week run in Toronto.

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