Gorey Story

Produced by The Thistle Project

Collaboratively created by the company

directed by Erika Batdorf

Music by Tom Kerr

Lighting Design by Jason Hand

Costume Design by Ming Wong

Set Design by Laura Gardner

Gorey Story Earned Four Dora Nominations

Outstanding New Play (Erika Batdorf, Christine Horne, Matthew Romantini and the Company)
Outstanding Production (The Thistle Project)
Outstanding Direction (Erika Batdorf)
Outstanding Costume Design (Ming Wong)

Gorey Story Voted Top 10 of 2006

Both NOW Magazine and critic Sandra Alland place Gorey Story in their Top Ten lists. 
NOW Magazine voted the show #3 in its roundup of the 10 best shows of 2006. 
We were the only debuting company on the list. 
Jon Kaplan called our premiere show "terrific," "intensely physical" and "visually beguiling." 

If you missed this terrific show- check out this youtube excerpt clip

Audiences say:
"[I] was enthralled. It was the best piece of original theatre I've ever seen."
"Exactly what a theatrical event should be; thought provoking, visual, funny and inventive."
"This is the type of show that reminds me why I love theatre."
"I am telling everyone I know that they MUST go."
"I'm still thinking about it!" 
"Why was I laughing? This shouldn't be funny!"
"Brilliant. Playful. Moving. Simple. Graceful. I loved it. Absolutely."
"It was absolutely delightful! When was the last time I was so overtaken by an ensemble effort like this? I cannot even remember. Your images will continue to haunt me, and the memory of your play make me smile. Thank you thank you thank you."
"I loved the leap from one emotion to another."
Read a letter sent to us by someone who saw the show 



NOW magazine-

The young Thistle Project makes a spectacular debut with this nastily clever and impeccably staged adaptation of Edward Gorey's macabre Gashlycrumb Tinies. The tight script chronicles the deaths of 26 children, one for each letter of the alphabet. Scenes bleed effectively into each other, images and characters occasionally recur and the theme of careless children and absent-minded parents provides a disturbing undertow. Under director Erika Batdorf, the production is full of theatrical magic, with performances, light and sound contributing equally. One of the best shows of 2006. NNNN (GS)