Bird's Eye View

produced by Faye Dupras of Foreign Landscapes Productions

created by Faye Dupras, Erika Batdorf, Trevor Schwellnus and Adam Frederick

Directed by Erika Batdorf

winner of the Summerworks 2007 Jury Prize- Best Production

Obsessed with flight, a prisoner under surveillance escapes into a tiny world of her own creation.   Set to an original musical score, Bird's Eye View is a visually evocative multi-media puppet show inspired by Oscar Wilde and his work. This is a solo co-created and directed by Erika Batdorf and performed by puppeteer, theatre creator and performer Faye Dupras, of Foreign Landscapes.

Puppets - Faye Dupras

Composer/musician- Adam Frederick
Costumes by Marija Djorevic
Set and Lighting Trevor Schwellnus

Now magazine- NNNN

An incarcerated woman, played by puppeteer Faye Dupras, crafts clues, sculptures and trinkets onstage to tell a cryptic yet intriguing story of loss. Loosely inspired by Oscar’s Wilde’s Happy Prince story, Bird’s Eye View takes the audience on a mythical journey of hope and hopelessness using both puppetry and sophisticated media.…bizarre and beautiful theatre-slash-puppet experience. (IK)

Some great photos and information by our amazing lighting designer Trevor Schellnuss


A lovely youtube video made by Adam the composer of the rehearsal process