Beautiful Garbage- 9dragonheads 2004

My first 9dragonheads event in Korea. I created a performance for the opening of the event at Cheong Ju Arts Center called Little Boat. My costume was made by Cass Reimer and oddly it was exactly the same colours as the photos that an artist had placed all over the floor. I was installed and then slowly got up and sang, did a short piece and then returned to the floor. Below there is a short video of me on the floor before the 'performance'.

I also did another performance in the Dae Chong lake, my first and last naked performance! On the other side of the lake on purpose! I created a very long piece of fabric that I placed under the water. I crawled down the side of the beach area, very steep and red earth and the went under water and reemerged with the fabric in my mouth and crawled back dragging the cloth in a curving line up the bank.

A good series of photos can be found at 9dragonheads site under Dae Chong 2004


Little Boat - excerpt of an installation performance by Erika Batdorf - 2004 Korea (short version) from Erika Batdorf on Vimeo.

Video by Sonja van Kerhoff, Costume by Cass Reimer

and here is the 12 minute version of Little Boat